hwlc gradings


Hackney Olympic Weightlifting Club London Gradings: 93kg Front Squat @61·6kg bw — Grade 3


'Testing your progress, growth and development'

HWLC Gradings provide a fun and challenging way for lifters, competing and non-competing, to test their progress, growth and development as defined in the old British Amateur Weight Lifting Association Handbook (BAWLA, now BWL). They are a measured way of identifying your strengths and areas that need development.

We teach and test a total of 42 Official Lifts, and modify the gradings according to gender, bodyweight and age. These include the Olympic lifts, strength training movements such as the back squat, front squat and presses; and Odd Lifts such as the one-hand snatch, two-hand dumbbell anyhow, and rectangular fix. All lifts are refereed by British Weightlifting Level 2 Technical Officials.

The entry grade for any lift is Grade 6 and these increase through to Grade 1, with Bronze, Silver and Gold being the highest awards. Certificates are issued for all successful tested lifts that fall within the grading scheme.

If you would like to be graded, or to learn any of the unusual lifts, speak to your coach to arrange this as part of a class or personal training session.