HWLC at the Cork Open

Hackney Weightlifting Club was well represented at this year’s Cork Open. The competition, which took place on the 6th and 7th of October, had a record number of lifters, with over 90 competitors taking part over the two days.

Coaches Pat Atteridge and Amelia Rodriguez along with Hackney lifters Joe Kelly and Amanda Wilson all lifted on the first day of the competition.



Pat Atteridge

An injury to his shoulder meant Coach Pat had not been able to train with heavy weights since the World Masters in August. Such was the injury that Pat was unsure whether he would be able to compete in the Cork Open. However, with his steely determination, Pat showed Hackney lifters that weightlifting is a mental sport. When he realised he would be able to finish first in his body weight category Pat’s response was "game on!" The result was a Snatch of 41kg and a Clean and Jerk of 63kg as well as finishing first!

Amelia Rodriguez

In the run up to the Cork Open Coach Amelia was battling numerous niggling injuries which meant she couldn’t prepare as she would have wished. In addition to this Amelia had trouble making the weight, but she showed an experienced head on the platform getting 5 out 6 lifts! Amelia snatched 43kg and Jerked 52kg for a PB competition total of 95kg! As she prepares for her next competition Amelia’s performance at the Cork Open has given her the confidence she needs and with an injury-free training cycle she will surely see a breakthrough and more PBs!! 

Joe Kelly

Since his last competition Hackney lifter Joe Kelly has been making adjustments in order to polish his lifting and get more weight on the bar. The result at the Cork Open was a 94kg snatch and a 119kg Clean and Jerk. Joe also managed a well deserved 123kg PB clean. Training is going in the right direction and we’re sure he will get his mind right to get those weights.

Amanda Wilson

Around a year ago Amanda Wilson came to HWLC saying she wanted to become a Masters weightlifter. The Cork Open was her first formal competition and she did a great job remaining focussed throughout the competition. Amanda managed to achieve 4 out of 6 lifts with a 29kg Snatch and a 33kg Clean and Jerk. Amanda was ruled out with 35kg C&J (equal to her PB) due to a press out. Her coaches Amelia and Pat could not be more proud of her performance.

Coach Amelia
CompetitionAmanda Wilson