Iron Session - 4th December

We held our last Iron Session of the year on the 1st of December, where new and regular lifters had the opportunity to test the movements they have been working on.

Trisha Forbes, a master lifter from Jersey, and a regular of our Iron Session, came to get ready for next season. She always says that these small competitions help her enormously to figure out what needs to focus on for passing the referees judgement. She also comes to get some magic remedies to polish her technique from coach Pat!

Natalie is new on the blocks. She came to Hackney wanting to perfect her technique and after a month and a half we can see some big progress. Getting PBs in her first ever weightlifting competition in both disciplines (39kg Snatch and 56kg Clean&Jerk). We know her enthusiasm and commitment for the sport will help to unleash her inner potential.

Dana has been lifting at Hackney for a while now and this was not her first Iron Session. Coach Pat and Amelia had made some technical alterations to straighten her bar path, and now just a few weeks later already the effects can be seen. Dana lifted excellently, showing she can turn on the class when competition time arrives. She snatched 44kg and Clean&Jerked 55kg for a 99kg total and PBs accross the board!!

Sharlene started weightlifting at HWLC almost a year ago now and her progress has been sure and steady. She has been consistently applying herself to improving her lifting and working with her Coach Amelia. With a couple of adjustments to her technique and a focused approach to her lifting returned Sharlz a great performance. Conservative but precise in the snatch she lifted 39kg and went on to Clean&Jerk a PB 54kg for a 93kg total!

Ed - Continuing his journey at Hackney, Ed is finding the most efficient way to lift, helped by Coach prescribed assistant movements. Getting pbs in the snatch with 55kg and Clean&Jerk 73kg? He showed that he has been absorbing what is being taught at HWLC. With this encouraging performance, Ed is motivated to train more consistently and methodically. We know he will improve.


Ed Snatch - 55kg; 73kg;

Natalie Snatch - 39kg; C&J 56kg

Sharlene Snatch - 41kg; C&J 54kg

Dana Snatch - 44kg; C&J 55kg

Trisha - 31kg; C&J

Amanda Wilson