HWLC at British Masters Championships March 2017


Four lifters from Hackney Weightlifting Club competed at the British Masters Championships in March 2017.


Pat /65—69 age group / 62kg Class

Snatch 50kg/52kg/54kg—no lift
Clean and Jerk 65kg/68kg/70kg

Total 122kg

Pat broke five English Masters records, three in the clean and jerk and two in the total, winning his 19th Masters title.

Gwendolyn / 65—69 age group / 58kg Class

Snatch 21kg/22kg/23kg—no lift
Clean and Jerk 30kg/31kg/32kg—no lift

Total 53kg

She broke six British and English records winning her eleventh Masters title and breaking her 67th British record over 11 years, bringing her total number of national records to 134.

Daphne / 33—39 age group 63kg Class

Snatch 38kg/39kg—no lift/ 39kg
Clean and Jerk 50kg—no lift/50kg/51kg

Total 90kg

She was placed 4th in her first British Championship. 

It was great to see Hackney Weightlifting Club do so well with two golds, one silver and a 4th place, and no fewer than 9 British and 14 English records broken for a total of 23 national records.

Seven club lifters between them have broken 542 national Masters records since 1997.