PBs For Sharlene and Dana…

Sharlene with PB Clean 51kg and Dana with PB Snatch 30kg; PB Clean + Jerk 45kg training at Hackney Olympic Weightlifting Club London.

On Sharlene's first day back training, only three days after her competition at LOWA Series 2 where she totalled 82kg, Coaches Amelia and Pat talked to her to make an adjustment in her Clean style and we could not have been more surprised: Clean 51kg PB, no elbows touching the knees and a smoother movement. 

After three PT sessions and one month of classes, Dana went to maximums to test the lifts she has been working on and find her real percentages, getting a more-than-deserved 30kg PB Snatch and 45kg PB Clean & Jerk. Consistency, commitment and passion for the sport pay off.

Well done both.

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