success stories

Hackney Olympic Weightlifting Club London

Omarie at the Philip & Springer in Barbados

After over a year without proper weightlifting training, Omarie came back to Hackney in July to train and get ready for the Philip & Springer competition in Barbados. Under the guidance of coach Pat Omarie trained three days a week to get in shape. During his preparation he had two impact weeks and as the time of the competition approached, he went into rehearsals to finally test his openers and visualise what he could get in Barbados.

The result could not have been more promising in such a short period of time; 112kg Snatch and 140kg PB clean & jerk. He nearly got 120kg PB snatch, what would have given him a 260kg total; the qualifying needed for the 2019 English Seniors in the 89kg body weight category.

Now back at Hackney on a regular basis, Omarie knows that it’s time for action and take advantage of the momentum he has built up following his success in Barbados.

Omarie Philip and Springer.jpg

Amanda β€” From Beginner to preparing for the British Masters

Amanda started with us six months ago as a complete beginner. Under the supervision of our BWL Level 1 Coach, Amelia, she has gone from learning the basic lifts with a stick to Personal Bests in both lifts at our February Iron Session, Clean and Jerking 28kg and Snatching 23kg. This was Amanda's first time lifting in a competition environment, with her lifts being judged by our BWL Technical Officials. She loved the experience and we are now setting a development path for her to work towards qualifying for the 2019 British Masters Championships.