IRON SESSION 21·04·18 / Highlights…

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An even bigger success than last time, Iron Session 21·04·18 proved to be a fantastic day. The session ran smoothly with everyone participating in its organisation, supporting each other to get to maximums in a joyful and warm atmosphere. See you a the next session, Iron Session 04·08·18!

Snatch Highlights

Clean & Jerk Highlights

Summary of Lifts

[Daphne / 0:00 Snatch 45kg / 0:00 C&J 55kg]
Hackney lifter Daphne, lifted marvellously, she got PBs in both disciplines, 45kg Snatch and 55kg Clean & Jerk, then cleaning 57kg but missing the jerk, for a 100kg total, which is the qualifier for the World Masters. She is just coming back after a foot injury and is also working on her hip impingement trying new alternatives like split snatches.

[Amelia / 0:04 Snatch 42kg / 0:05 C&J 53kg]
Throwing over her head 43, 44 and 45 kg, Hackney lifter Amelia (@amelia_hwc ) got a 42kg snatch and competition PB 53kg jerk for a 95kg total, the 2017 qualifying total for the English Championships in the 48kg BW category. Now she needs to train harder to put 10kg on her total for the new qualifier. We know she will fight until she gets there.

[Joe / 0:09 Snatch 88kg / Not Filmed C&J 110kg]
Hackney lifter Joe (@joekel) was working on his openers for competing next week at the London Series 2. His movements, snatch 88kg and C&J 110kg, were smooth and perfect, like a walk in the park 

[Christophe / 0:13 Snatch 65kg / 0:11 C&J 76kg]
Feeling a bit nervous and therefore doing things that he normally does not do when lifting, Christophe composed himself, mastered his nerves and got a 65kg snatch and 76kg clean & jerk. Well done to him in his first competition-type environment.

[Johannes / 0:17 Snatch 77kg / 0:28 C&J 105kg]
Always with a smile on his face when lifting, Johannes (@johannesdouglas) got a 77kg Snatch and 105kg PB Clean & jerk after coming back from holiday. With his determination and commitment to lifting, more happy-face days will come.

[Sharlene / 0:20 Snatch 35kg / 0:20 C&J 45kg]
Unafraid to try alternative styles to improve her lifting, Sharlene (@sharlz87) got PBs in both movements, 35kg Snatch and 45kg PB C&J using sumo style. Sharlene and Hackney coaches are still working on testing and perfecting this unusual and rarely-seen style with heavy weights. Let's see what the results are. 

[Natalie / 0:25 Snatch 33kg / 0:45 C&J 32kg]
'The weightlifting-gifted girl' is what Hackney coach Amelia calls Natalie (@natbaggy), and everyone can see why when she performs the movements. Very well she did in her first Iron Session and we hope she will reach her true potential in Olympic lifting. 33kg S, 32kg C&J.

[Amanda / 0:30 Snatch 27kg / 0:39 C&J 31kg]
Amanda (@mrswilsonlifts) is also known as Mrs PBs at Hackney and nothing could stop her from proving that, getting 27kg PB Snatch and 31kg Jerk for a 58kg total, just 10kgs away from qualifying for the British Masters Championships only a year after taking up weightlifting. Work in progress but moving in the right direction.

[Ed  / 0:37 Snatch 57kg / 0:53 C&J 75kg]
And we finish with our choral singer Ed (@efreckelton). Very well done for all the progress made on his lifting focusing on sitting fast and squatting rather than powering. He managed to squat in almost all of his snatches and cleans in his first Iron Session and his coaches are happy about that. 57kg Snatch and 75kg Jerk.

Joe, Natalie, Ed, Johannes, Maurice/Amanda, Coach Daphne, Coach Pat/ Coach Amelia, Sharlene  (back/middle/bottom—left to right)

Joe, Natalie, Ed, Johannes, Maurice/Amanda, Coach Daphne, Coach Pat/ Coach Amelia, Sharlene

(back/middle/bottom—left to right)