NEXT IRON SESSION 04·08·18…'Preparing you for competition'

There will be 4 IRON SESSIONS a year. They will prepare lifters, at any level, for major competitions. Lifters are encouraged to test their maximum lifts within a supportive environment — providing advice and best practice. The lifts will be supervised by British Weightlifting Level 2 Technical Officials and there will be healthy snacks afterwards. Dates for 2018 are:

> 10th February 2018

> 21st April 2018 [View Highlights]

> 4th August 2018

> 1st December 2018

These sessions are suitable for beginners, and are good preparation for those who have never competed as the way the event is structured will be similar – though infringements will be permitted. Lifters will be required to submit their body weight on the day.